Troché Fertility part of Advanced Fertility Care is recognized for their state of the art laboratories. Our extensive embryology and andrology labs provide superior care for sperm, eggs and embryos.


TFAFC’s embryology lab is based in our Scottsdale location which features state of the art technology to provide advanced care for eggs, sperm, and embryos. Our dedicated and highly skilled staff is proficient in maturity evaluation and culture of eggs, sperm processing for IVF, sperm manipulation to enhance fertilization (ICSI), embryo grading, assisted hatching of embryos, embryo biopsy, and egg, sperm and embryo cryopreservation procedures.


Andrology is the study of male infertility. Testing and evaluation of semen/sperm occur onsite at TFC for your convenience. In the andrology lab a variety of services are offered including diagnostic analysis of sperm, sperm processing and manipulation for IVF, IUI specimen preparation, sperm freezing, and sperm isolation following testicular biopsy. The hormone lab provides rapid and accurate evaluations of the changing hormone levels in a treatment cycle which facilitate improved cycle management.

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