Expectant Management
Expectant management is a period of “wait and see” (no intervention or treatment) before attempting any procedure or therapy. This approach is recommended to couples with unexplained infertility of short duration when the woman is under 35 years of age. The likelihood of a spontaneous pregnancy is very good, 35-50% after two years, and 60-70% after three years of observation. Please note these pregnancy rates decrease as the woman’s age and the duration of infertility increase. Treatment is recommended when no pregnancy occurs after an adequate period of observation.

In our experience most couples decline expectant management in lieu of further testing or treatment. Nevertheless, this option is discussed with couples diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

​Choosing to Live Child-free and Adoption

When fertility treatment is stopped or not successful, there are several options open to you: actively choosing to live child-free and adoption.

Actively choosing to live child-free is an option some couples/individuals actively make. This commitment to one another can open opportunities for a rewarding and full life. For those who wish to involve a child in their lives, fostering or adopting a child may be another option.

Resolve – The National Infertility Association offers a very comprehensive guide to living child-free, choosing adoption, as well as discussions about making the decision. We encourage you to explore these resources available at their website.

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