Patients share their experience with their journey through infertility all the time and one seem more heartbreaking than the ones we heard before. Since this is our TFAFC Family Page, here are our patients correspondence we received recently in the mail, which we would like to share.

Written by Ken & Kathy Kowalski

Kaden is – 
Worth every fallen tear
Worth every shot in the rear
Worth the cold hard cash
Taken from our stash
Worth every sleepless night
Dr. Troché you got the mix just right!!

“We would like to thank the entire staff at TFAFC for treating us like FAMILY. Before we came to TFAFC, my wife and I have gone through a long battle dealing with another facility for many years trying to correct our infertility problems and hoping that one day we would be blessed with a child of our own. For two plus years my wife and I had gone through so many IUI’s and given large doses of Clomid every month and all they could say after each failed attempt was that the ‘recipe was not there yet.’ By the closing of our 2nd year with them, my wife and I were coming to the conclusion that we may in fact never have a child of our own. No other option was ever mentioned to us, no one had ever brought up the thought of possibly doing IVF. After a while it seemed to me that they only kept on with the IUI’s just to keep taking advantage of our insurance with at that time gave us the opportunity and did not limit the number of times we could try an IUI. Over 20 cycles I believe is what my wife and I went through. At that point my wife and I decided to take a break for a while, but don’t think that they called to check on us and see how we were doing. It was very hard to call into their office and speak to a medical staff member thus getting them to remember our names. That was the most uncomfortable part of it, for all we have been through, we felt like first time patients each time we went. We have not been back or have heard from them since early 2009.”

A coworker of mine and former patient of yours mentioned your center to us. She had gone through IVF and was successful and told us that we should set up an appointment and see what you could do for us. In the beginning of 2010, I made that call, we met with Dr. Troché and after he reviewed our medical history from the previous location, he had told us that he had no idea why they haven’t moved on with IVF. He too was shocked at the number of IUI’s we have gone through. With no hesitation, the idea of IVF become a reality, we proceeded with that route. The process was simple and having to deal with Kori Garcia, IVF Coordinator, made it even more special to us. Kori was extremely helpful in every way and words cannot express how much we appreciate her and everything she has done. The fact that we could call your office and actually speak to a person not a machine made it comforting to us.

After so many years of waiting and experimenting, with the help of the Troché Fertility part of Advanced Fertility Care, my wife and I were able to become pregnant in January 2011 and on September 14, 2011 at 7:20pm, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Sophia Kathleen. Although she was born 4 weeks from her original due date, she is healthy and growing perfectly. My wife and I thank everyone at TFAFC for simply caring and making us feel like a FAMILY. Dr. Troché, your hands are magical and meeting with you was the BEST decision of our lives, THANK YOU!”

Happy Parents, 
D. & E.

We have provided a sampling of the patient comments that we routinely receive from fertility patients who have chosen to receive treatment at Troché Fertility part of Advanced Fertility Care. It is our hope that by sharing their experiences with you that you will gain a better understanding of their level of fertility care and the type of service you can expect to receive as a patient of Troché Fertility part of Advanced Fertility Care.

(Note: Names are not shown here to protect patient privacy.)

Dr. Troché and the staff were genuine in their desire to help us out. I never felt as if they just wanted to treat us and then ship us out. This is difficult enough as it is. The staff were patient and hopeful with us always taking time to explain things better.”

“ From day one, the staff and Dr. Troché have been great. Every procedure was explained in detail and we never felt like we were alone in the process. They are and were like a second family who were up when we were up and down with us when we were down. I have friends who used other centers with great success but our insurance only allowed us to go to Troché Fertility part of Advanced Fertility Care. How blessed and lucky we were that that was the case and to have people like this to help us!”

“I felt Dr. Troché and his staff were fantastic in caring for, and meeting, our emotional and medical needs.”

“From the front receptionist to the back rooms, everyone was so personable. They were all very helpful in every aspect of the procedure. I felt that there was a clear plan to follow, a path to success. Everyone was professional and I would highly recommend others to Troché Fertility part of Advanced Fertility Care.”

“At my first visit, I walked out of the office feeling like anything was possible. (Every time I left the last center, I felt horrible and cried!) I knew they wanted the very best for us.”

“I have always felt that we were ‘in good hands’. I am confident in their decisions.”

Dr. Troché is very courteous and approachable. I can tell he really cares about helping couples with fertility issues. Kori has always been there to talk to me whenever I have had any concerns. She always returns my calls in a timely manner and is very friendly.”

“My husband and I are very pleased and grateful for Dr. Troché and his staff. We have traveled a long way from New York. My New York facility has given us a lot of heartache, which was unnecessary, and Dr. Troché has been so helpful to us.”

“The staff was wonderful! They were always so kind, considerate and understanding while I was undergoing my fertility treatment. They were always available if I and when I had a question about anything. We have decided to discontinue treatment but it is not because of this center. In fact, we would encourage anyone considering infertility treatment to start at West Valley.”

“ I have always had a pleasant experience with all staff members. This is wonderful (and rare) and very important for patients who are experiencing infertility and typically feel pretty down/ awkward/frustrated. Keep up the good work.”

“Every time I return to this office, I feel as though the staff here is the best in the business. Everyone is very professional yet they take it to a personal level.”

“Wonderful staff – friendly! No waiting times for visits.”

“The entire staff at Troché Fertility part of Advanced Fertility Care are extremely helpful, thoughtful and considerate of what their patients are going through. They have always made me feel at ease.”

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