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Fertility Financing and Insurance Information

Financing Overview:

Financial information and insurance guidance for fertility treatment in ArizonaWe understand that infertility treatment can be physically and emotionally stressful and that often times the financial component adds another level of stress.  We are aware of this and try to minimize as much of the stress as possible by making our highly trained and qualified business office staff available to answer your questions and guide you through the financial process before, during and after treatment.

We offer assistance with understanding your insurance benefits and provide financial options to assist you in seeking treatment.  All patients considering fertility treatment at Troché Fertility Centers are offered a financial consultation.  When you enter our program and a treatment plan has been selected, we work with you to provide a complete financial consult. This financial consult consist of an assessment of your insurance coverage (benefits check) as well as an explanation of what our understanding is of your covered benefits.  We will inform you of what your potential patient responsibility may be because of your deductible and / or percentage of co-insurance for which you may be responsible. In case your infertility treatment is not a covered benefit or if you don’t have health insurance, we will help you determine the best financial alternative for your treatment plan.  Also, we will provide a financial worksheet detailing the services that are included in your treatment as well as the total cost.  Any additional costs, such as anesthesia services and medications, will also be explained to you.  Our goal is for you to have a clear and comprehensive idea of the cost of your treatment. We encourage you to contact your insurance company and confirm that the information you have been provided by us is correct.

Cost of IVF

The path to parenthood can be both emotionally and financially challenging. At Troché Fertility Centers, we understand and are committed to providing our patients with the most compassionate quality care possible at the most competitive price available. Compare and see.

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Financial & Insurance Info

Troché Fertility Centers is contracted with most insurance companies and we are happy to submit claims on your behalf for covered services.

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