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Where the journey is as important as the outcome.

For couples struggling with infertility, the wish of having a child appears unattainable and the journey toward fertility can be difficult and sometimes confusing. Trying to get pregnant is like embarking on a trip into an unknown and mysterious land for which you don’t have a map or a guide. We will help you to find the right path toward your destination and to get there quickly with the best quality fertility treatment available today.

ASRM Fertility Center of ExcellenceAs of May 2015, Troché Fertility Centers are the only fertility clinics in Arizona, who have been recognized as “Nursing Center of Excellence” by the ASRM Executive Board of the Nurses’ Professional Group. This award demonstrates our commitment to patient care and education, and to the highest educational standards of our nurses who have a key role in patient education and satisfaction.

Our Mission:

Your Fertility Center in Arizona - TFCAt Troché Fertility Centers, we share your goal of becoming pregnant and we take very seriously the role we have been chosen to play in each patient’s journey towards fertility. Since we believe the journey is as important as the outcome, we will be at your side guiding and supporting you with a caring and knowledgeable staff that stands ready to assist you at every step along the way. We will provide you with treatment options that are designed specifically for you and create a path you feel comfortable following. We will always listen to your concerns and answer your questions as we travel the path to fertility.

Troché Fertility Centers began offering successful fertility treatments to patients in the Phoenix metropolitan area in September 1992. Since the beginning, Dr. Vladimir Troché and Troché Fertility Centers’s in vitro fertilization (IVF) program has had pregnancy success rates consistently well above the national average and today they are treating and managing patients from all over Arizona, United States, Mexico and Canada.

As a patient at Troché Fertility Centers, you receive comprehensive education and information to assist you in making the right decisions regarding your treatment. With two convenient locations in Glendale and Scottsdale, Troché Fertility Centers gives you access to services such as emotional counseling, acupuncture, specialized pharmacies and bi-lingual information materials. Our compassionate and dedicated staff is always accessible to discuss your concerns and answer your questions. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and to assist you on your journey to parenthood.

At Troché Fertility Centers our goal is the same as yours – a healthy baby – but we are also committed to providing you with an overall positive experience before, during and after treatment. We know that the journey is as important as the outcome and that’s why our entire staff is here to serve and assist you throughout your treatment process.

Whether you are just starting on your journey or have been traveling for some time and need to select a new path, we invite you to experience the difference in care at our Center. Contact us today for an appointment.

Success Rates

Troché Fertility Centers have an "open door" policy that does not select, restrict or discourage patients from ART procedures. We have found that for some patients it is helpful to proceed with an ART procedure even when their chances for success are extremely low.

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Dr. Troché

Dr. Troché is one of the country's highly-respected fertility expert in the medical community. His great skill in the fertility field and wonderful bedside manner earned him the excellent reputation he has today.

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Patient Care Team

The Team Approach Troché Fertility Centers's overriding objective is to provide an efficient, and successful mechanisms for helping infertile couples achieve their life's dream of having a baby.

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Fertility Family

Since 1992, we have been honored to assist couples struggling with infertility issues become parents. Sharing the emotional and physically demanding path of fertility diagnosis and treatment with them, we consider each of our patients part of our family.

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