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Egg Donation and Surrogacy in Arizona

Embryo Donation Program

Troché Fertility Centers' Egg Donor Program is designed to assist women, who for diverse reasons are unable to produce their own healthy eggs for conception. This program provides women the opportunity to carry a pregnancy and deliver a baby.

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Egg Donor Program

At Troché Fertility Centers we assist couples who have frozen embryos in storage and who are not planning to use them on how to dispose of their embryos.

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Online Donor Database

We currently have approximately 20 local donors who have met rigorous medical and psychological screening before being added to our donor registry.

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Become an Egg Donor

Thank you for visiting Troché Fertility Centers’ website to investigate becoming an Egg Donor and possibly helping an infertile couple realize their dream of starting a family. Only through the generous gift of egg donation will these couples have the opportunity to carry and deliver a child, and have a family.

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Surrogacy Program

The gestational surrogacy (also known as gestational carrier) program is designed to assist women, who for diverse reasons are unable to carry a pregnancy. Our program provides the option of using a gestational carrier, also referred to as a host uterus, to carry a full-term pregnancy.

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