TFAFC provides solutions for individuals and couples needing donor sperm to achieve a pregnancy. Whether donor sperm is needed for couples with severe male factor infertility, single women or LGBTQ community who wish to grow their families, TFAFC partners with several of the nation’s leading sperm banks to provide high-quality sperm.​

Candidates for receiving donor sperm:

  • Couples with severe male factor infertility
  • Single women
  • LGBTQ community

​Determining the Sperm Count

TFAFC can help identify if a sperm issue may be contributing to the delay in conceiving. A simple semen analysis will identify the number, shape, and swimming ability (motility) of the sperm. Depending on the semen analysis results and the treatment plan you choose, donor sperm may be a possible option to achieve a pregnancy.​

National Sperm Bank partnering with Troché Fertility Centers:

Seattle Sperm Bank

Open ID Donors, Extended Genetic Testing & Free Photo Matching and Patient Consultations for Donor Selection.

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