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Gestational Surrogacy Program at Troché Fertility Centers, Arizona

Gestational Surrogacy Program's Mission

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The gestational surrogacy (also known as gestational carrier) program is designed to assist women, who for diverse reasons are unable to carry a pregnancy. Our program provides the option of using a gestational surrogate, also referred to as a host uterus, to carry a full-term pregnancy.

Throughout this overview, the couple contributing the eggs and sperm is referred to as the “Female Partner” and “Male Partner” or collectively as the “Couple.”  The woman receiving the embryos and carrying the pregnancy is referred to as the “Carrier”.  Any gestational carrier program requires a great deal of coordination, from selecting the Carrier and matching her with a couple, to synchronizing and performing the related medical procedures. Our goal is to make the gestational carrier process as positive and stress free as possible.

Candidates for the Gestational Carrier Program are usually couples in which the Female Partner has no uterus due to surgery (hysterectomy), has an abnormally shaped (malformed) uterus, has had an endometrial ablation, or has a medical condition that prevents her from carrying a pregnancy. These women usually are good candidates for ovarian stimulation with fertility drugs. If, because of age or decreased egg quality, the woman is not a good candidate for ovarian stimulation, we may recommend using an Egg Donor.

The Team Approach

Troché Fertility Centers' overriding objective is to provide an efficient and successful mechanism for helping infertile couples achieve their life's dream of having a baby. Our team is committed to provide the highest quality medical care in a sensitive and caring environment. We are here to assist you on your path to fertility.

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